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Hey, I translated a novel! Among my side-hustles is translation, and this is my first full-length literary work. But before you rush out and buy The Lawyer & the Colonel, let me tell you more about it first. 💥 Romance, action, adventure, chicklit and comedies are not my usual reading genres, which is why I’m so grateful this novel is none of them. Instead, it’s all of them! 💥 Set mostly in the Caymans and Cozumel, this genre-bender is a lot of fun because the main character, Milanese lawyer Rossella Odeschalchi, is not only smart, clever and driven, she’s also slightly anarchic, rarely does what she’s told, and contends with a rather visceral greedy streak. She’s not a girl gone bad, but a girl only borderline good, even if she’s the winning heroine we’re all supposed to cheer for. She also lies, cheats, kicks, punches, smokes, drinks and shoots her way into and out of a number of messes (and gets rich, in this heist caper, too). 💥 The writer Raffaella Bossi has more than a little of her heroine’s stubborn independence, as her frustration with publishing houses drove her to create her own. It’s a small outfit, and working to finalize this made me really appreciate the division of labor involved with having separate translators and editors and readers and proofreaders. As this was their first English publication, mostly I did it (with a little help). And re-did it, and re-did it. But all remaining faults are most decidedly my own. 💥 Speaking of rewriting, this novel has actually lived a couple of previous lives: it was Bossi’s award-winning fresher novel 20 years back and enjoyed a second life as a revised, slimmer and differently-titled version. And the English version, which reprises the original name, gives it yet another new life. Books don’t usually get that, but if Shakespeare could revise and rewrite, and TV shows change with fan feedback, why can’t a novel? None of us just is, but we’re in a constant state of becoming. Just like the heroine, or me, or Raffaella, or this book – in its first English incarnation – too. 💥 Your next summer (or first #WomenInTranslation!) read is available where all you classy people buy books online (e.g. Amazon).

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